First Stimulus Direct-deposited. Second One Mailed - Why

All of my tax stuff is direct deposit and has been so for years. My April stimulus was deposited directly into my bank account. When I hadn't seen a direct deposit for a few days this time, I checked Get My Payment. The site tells me that my second stimulus is an actual paper check, and was put in the mail yesterday.

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Capitalizing on a 25% off any item coupon at CVS

The CVS %off offers I get typically say “not applicable on sale items”, and even items marked like “buy three get one free” or “buy one get second for 25% off” fall into this category. So watch out for that. posted by JoeZydeco at 5:57 AM on August 16, 2019 [2 favorites]

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I want to create a manufacturer coupon. - brickandmortar

Yes, coupons are made from the same type of UPC as product barcodes. You can see a breakdown of a coupon UPC here.When the checker scans the coupon, the system interprets the manufacturers code, family code, and value code and can look back at the SKUs previously scanned to check for a valid coupon.

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Groceries discount if you don't have enough money

we used to have a bag of manufacturer's coupons in the office. if one of our cashiers came up short in coupons we would dig a coupon for the appropriate amount out of the bag and put it in the cashier's till. as long as the cashier wasn't off too much it wasn't a hassle to replace the missing coupon.

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I want to spend .50 on $90,000 worth of groceries

I think most of the "saving" comes from stacking multiple coupons (say, one .50 off mfg coupon, a .75 off store coupon), catalinas which are the coupons that print with your receipt when you use your shopper card at XYZ Grocer, and reward points/coupons from stores like CVS and Walgreens, which print based on purchases (i.e. you buy one tube of Burt's Bees chapstick you get a voucher for $2

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(How) can I get a discount on a sofa from CB2? - sales

I went through this exact issue last month. I wanted the full-length Avec sofa and was about to purchase it. At the time, the CB2 homepage displayed an offer of 15% off any item if you signed up for the mailing list. But before I pulled the trigger, I found someone selling the Avec on Craigslist, 6-months old, for half price.

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How do I block outside access to an online coupon on a

If the coupon is being presented in person, the staff would need to check A) that the e-mail address matches the hash, and B) that the hash hasn't been used. Which may not be feasible. Then again, you'd just need a printout showing a list of e-mail addresses & corresponding hashes, and cross them off the list as they come in.

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Why do companies still keep putting out coupons when so

Think of a coupon in terms of a rebate. The goal isn't to get you to use the coupon, the goal is to get you to buy the product. If you use the coupon that's ok, but if you're just associating product X with 'deal' in your head and can't remember exactly why and buy the product anyway that's even better (from the companies point of view).

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Couponing for the lazy - coupons | Ask MetaFilter

I'm not sure about the manufacturer's coupons loading directly to GroceryIQ. I usually load coupons to my store loyalty card through various coupon programs, then the savings come off automatically at check out. posted by slipthought at 1:23 PM on April 8, 2015 .

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Is it a good idea to use Groupon, Scoopon or other 'deal

So I'd like to know if it's a bad idea to use one time 'deal of the day' websites to buy coupons for heavily discounted (eg. 50%-90% off) regular car servicing. Are they well known scams, do they deliberately cut corners? Do mechanics check the log book and see that I have a history of 'mechanic shopping' and then do a second rate job?

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What's the best way to print 300 pages worth of documents

I've had to print out hundreds of pages before, and had good results with the laser printing service at Office Depot (Staples should be fine, too, or any local print shop that works with standard documents, but I haven't tried others for laser printing). Just call a local a store (or a few), tell them you have PDFs and that you want 300 b&w pages printed on plain copy paper, and ask for the rate.

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