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Combo Card - Mabinogi World Wiki

All Combo Cards start off in an inactive state and must be activated in the Combo Card Character window tab in order for the bonus to apply. Only one card can be active at a time, and players can deactivate and reactivate non-expired cards at will. If a Combo Card is the active card, it will appear in the preview window by default.

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Winter Fairy Box - Mabinogi World Wiki

Title Coupons New Special Snowflake Fireworks 2nd Title Coupon: Special Large Snowflake 2nd Title Coupon: Special Blizzard 2nd Title Coupon: Snowflake Fireworks 2nd Title Coupon: Large Snowflake 2nd Title Coupon: Blizzard 2nd Title Coupon: Gesture Cards Existing Weep Gesture Card: Facepalm Gesture Card: Show Off Gesture Card: Gussy Up Gesture Card

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Black Rose Box - Mabinogi World Wiki

A box exuding the beautiful fragrance of black roses. Use it to get one of a variety of items, such as the Special Black Rose Fur Wear (M), Special Black Rose Long Dress (F), Radiant Black Rose Underwings (Enchantable), Radiant Black Rose Overwings (Enchantable), Black Rose Halo, Black Rose Bouquet, and more.

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Caravan Joe's O-X Quiz - Mabinogi World Wiki

The gauge indicates how many Chaotic OX Quiz Coupons you will receive if you give the correct answer; Less Caravan Joes within the correct answer spot will fill the gauge higher giving more coupons (you can get 1-5 coupons per round). If you get the correct answer you will receive the 1-5 coupons for that round and move on to the next round

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Mabinogi Master Plan Event - Mabinogi World Wiki

It's time for the Mabinogi Master Plan Event to return! For the next four weeks, gain huge bonuses to skill training, claim free items each weekend and earn huge rewards all week long just for being logged in as we get 2017 off to a flying start![1]

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User:Rydian/Training Tips - Mabinogi World Wiki

Tendering Potions (of different levels) are available from events and Saga Viewing Coupons, use these to make enemies stronger temporarily. Various enchants can lower your CP (and thus make enemies stronger) when worn. A lot of these come from gachas and can be bought from players.

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